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Music Review: Awaken (feat. Novi) – Jerome Isma-Ae & Justin Michael

House music. When you read those words, a distinct idea of what it should sound like pops into your head. It might sound like Avicii, it might sound like Hardwell, or maybe even Tiesto as of now. Now take that idea and get rid of it.

Welcome to Jerome Isma-Ae and Justin Michael.

As one of the most unique House music producers probably in the world, Jerome Isma-Ae stands as one possible future for House music. His sound doesn’t really fit into any of the currently defined genres, and for good reason. He’s doing something no one else has really tried doing.

Now enter Justin MIchael. LA native with rock influences, Justin Michael is another one of those possible futures for house music. Self defined as a Rocktronica and Progressive House artist. This immediately raises questions as to what exactly is Rocktronica, but all you need to know is the combination of these two is amazing in Awaken (feat Novi).

With sounds characteristic of Jerome Isma-Ae combined with a flow seemingly derived from Justin Michael, Awaken highlights techy beats combined with long melodies. This combined with long vocals creates what one can only describe as an uncommon song, in the best of ways. It’s hard to describe in words.

Give it a listen. I liked it, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Preview at https://soundcloud.com/armadamusicofficial/jerome-isma-ae-justin-michael

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-Will Yee
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