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Interview with Lange by Kendra Aker

Before his set at ‘So Stoked!’ in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to meet up and have a word with legendary DJ/producer Lange. Among many other topics, I got to speak with him about his radio show, his upcoming artist album on his label Lange Recordings, and his recent gig at Skills’ Pop NYE in Oakland. Check it out:




You were just here in San Francisco for New Years. What did you think of the event?

Yes, it was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed my whole time here. I spent 5 or 6 days here with my wife. I had a good look around the city. The weather was great as it normally is compared to the U.K. And the actual event was incredible. Absolutely amazing!


You did a back-to-back set with Andy Moor. How was that?

It went really well! We’ll probably be doing a few more of those.


Oh really? Where can we expect the both of you?

Not sure at the moment. We’re doing one in the U.K. for a party in 2 weeks actually for a club called Digital Society. They’re going to be quite rare, but we’re going to do a few this year.






Your radio show, “Intercity,” is now a weekly show. What prompted you to make that change?

Yes, I was trying to find a way to give more exposure to my artists on Lange Recordings. I’ve not wanted to do a weekly show because, well to be honest with you, I don’t always have quite enough material to keep a weekly show going. And also it’s a time consuming thing as well. Doing a whole show each week– it takes a whole day! Going through all the promos and stuff. So I came up with the idea of inviting the artists on Lange Recordings to do a rotation and play part of the show. So they do a 45-minute mix.


45 minutes is great!

Yes, it’s good exposure for them and it’s a way of keeping a flow of the weekly show which is a good way to do it.

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So what are some of your favorite artists right now that are on your record label, Lange Recordings?

On the label at the moment we have people like Noah Nelman, Tangle & Mateusz. Both are from the U.S. They’re producing some really good stuff! And some new names but they’re starting to get known. Alex Larichev, Lele Troniq, and Deep Voices from San Francisco. Deep Voices has been releasing stuff on the label as well for some years.


It’s great to see artists here in our own backyard on your label!

Yes, in fact I think he’s playing right now at the venue!





You’ve worked on many projects with Betsie Larkin. You just released a single, “Obvious.” What’s it like working with Betsie and what makes you guys a winning combo?

Betsie is absolutely lovely, I have to say. She’s really good fun to hang around with and we meet up whenever we can. She’s really easy going as well! I love what she does. She writes different songs and we have plans to do some more together this year.


She’s moving to San Francisco! Are we going to see you more around here then?

Well funny enough, the last trip for New Years my wife was saying, “Come on let’s move. Let’s move!” We’re even talking about doing 3 months out here at some stage. We won’t do a permanent move though! But coming here we realized that this is really such a great city and a really beautiful place. A very interesting place to live! So maybe we’ll spend some time here.






We’d love to have you! So what are some of your goals for 2013? What can we expect from you?

This year I have a new artist album coming out. But it’s not going to be until the end of the year. However, I’m not going to wait that long until you start hearing stuff from it. I’m going to start releasing singles from it because this year I will be producing a lot more than I have been doing. I wasn’t happy with what I managed to get done last year. I got roped into other things. But I have a better team around me now so this year is going to be about doing what I love and making music. I have some other projects coming up as well, nothing I can mention, but obviously Intercity is going to keep me busy as well. I’m sure we’ll be doing something very special for 150 and later in the year as well.


Well I’m excited for that news and I’m so excited to see what you can bring to the table for 2013. Thank you so much for doing this interview. Good luck tonight, I know you’re going to rock the crowd!




I hope you all enjoyed learning about Lange as much as I did. Big things are coming from Lange Recordings in 2013. Stay tuned!


[box_dark]A special thanks to: Lange, Ruth Langelaan, Jones  & TranceFamily SF crew for making this interview possible. [/box_dark]

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