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Tritonal at Marquee, Las Vegas | Event Review | 12.7.2012

Upon hearing that the Tritonal boys were making their debut appearance at the hottest nightclub in
Las Vegas, I instantly knew that it was a night not to be missed. After days of anticipation, 11:00pm of
December 7 finally rolled around and it was time to head to Marquee Nightclub. While walking through
the Cosmopolitan Hotel (where the nightclub is located), I spotted a familiar face: it was Dave Reed!
I called to him and he stopped to have a brief chat with a friend and me. When he said to “expect big
things” from their set that night, I smiled to myself because I knew we were in for a treat. With their
100th episode of the Air Up There radio show just one day away and the boys in a nostalgic mood, it was

Please keep in mind that I have been to Marquee upwards of twenty times in a four month period.
When we entered the club, two abnormal things caught my attention: the place was strangely packed
for how early it was and the attendees were EXCITED for Tritonal. This is not to say that the energy
level inside Marquee is usually dull. However, if you’ve ever been clubbing in Vegas, you know that (on
average) only about half of the attendees know which artist they are there to see on any given night.
The fact that each and every person I asked knew who they were there to see… well that really made a

The night started off with resident DJ Keidy and progressed with Joachim Garraud. Finally at 2:30am
it was time for Chad and Dave to take the stage. As soon as they were visible, the club ERUPTED. With
a building full of Tritonians, the vibe was set and Tritonal was ready to blow the roof off of Marquee,
which they wasted absolutely no time in doing. They warmed up the crowd and “Dropped The
Brohammer” on us about a third of the way through the set. From there on out was vibey, pulsating
bliss that included but was not limited to: Azuca, Across The Great Divide, Slave, Can’t Keep It In, and
(my personal favorite) the triple mashup of Forgive Me, Forget You.

Dancing did not stop until 4:30am in Marquee that evening, and not just from club goers. As usual, Chad
and Dave were full of energy and groovy dance moves to show their fans that they were just as into the
set as we were. As they closed out their set with the chill out remix of “Something New”, we knew that
the two hours of bliss had sadly come to an end. The silver lining around that cloud? The Tritonal boys
absolutely threw down and I know for sure that they will be back at Marquee again very, very soon.

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